Tianye Ding


Hi! I am currently a fourth-year B.S. Computer Science student at Khoury College of Computer Sciences, Northeastern University. I work as an undergraduate researcher at Visual Intelligence Lab supervised by Prof. Huaizu Jiang.

My research interest lies in the fields of computer vision and deep learning. I’m driven by a deep curiosity surrounding the integration of human-interpretable information and knowledge within architectural frameworks, with the aim of shaping behavior and enhancing generalization capabilities across diverse applications. I am particularly motivated to unravel the nuances of architectural designs that demonstrate exceptional proficiency in learning fundamental feature representations, and investigate how we can strategically reducing model complexity without compromising robustness, while maintaining the capacity for effective problem-solving.


Mar 22, 2024 I just rebuilt my homepage to be more developer and user friendly! :sparkles:

Selected Publications

Symbol * represents equal contribution; † represents equal advising.

  1. odtformer.gif
    ODTFormer: Efficient Obstacle Detection and Tracking with Stereo Cameras Based on Transformer
    Tianye Ding* , Hongyu Li*, and Huaizu Jiang
    Under Review, 2024